Arm Balance/Inversion Workshops!

I am so excited to announce my upcoming workshops!

Arm Balance-Inversion Workshop- MGY

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly?
I am so excited to announce that NOW YOU CAN!!
Join me Mountaingoat Yoga Centre for an arm balance AND an inversion workshop!
Never balanced before? That’s totally cool! Come and learn the basics, we start from the ground up!

Have a Happy Friday!





Prenatal Yoga

Happy New Year everyone! 
I hope everyone enjoyed fun and safe holidays ūüôā¬†
Over the last few weeks, friends and family have been announcing that there are babies on the way!! Yay! 

So I decided to film a prenatal yoga sequence designed for all levels and all trimesters. 



Let me know if you enjoy these prenatal videos and there will be more to come ūüôā
Feel free to express any pains or discomforts you wish to work through and I will design the next sequences accordingly xo 


DAY 12!!!

On the Twelfth Day of Yoga Sammy Gives to You… 

A  Holiday Warrior Flow!

Guys! You made it! Day 12!  Woohoo !

I hope that you have learnt a lot over the last 12 days, most importantly to never take yourself too seriously. Life is so short, and is just not worth it if you can’t crack a smile, and simply have a laugh (even if it’s at your own¬†expense).¬†

Here is our last and final flow for day 12, a warrior flow!  Because you are all HOLIDAY WARRIORS!

Congratulations on making a 12 day commitment to yourself, your body and your breath! 



On the 11th Day of Yoga…

On the Eleventh Day of Yoga Sammy Gives to You… 

A Body Strengthening Flow!

I Figured since the last couple days have been pretty relaxed and zenned out that it would be nice to introduced a stronger, faster flowing flow today ūüôā¬†

Let’s get¬†re-energized¬†and get our bodies feeling great so that we can enjoy all the¬†goodies the holiday season has to offer!¬†

FYI I filmed this practice in my mother-in-laws bedroom… it was BOILING in there! So I am sorry in advance for the sweat and the fact that I have a hard time talking in it! haha!¬†





On the Ninth Day of Yoga…

On the Ninth Day of Yoga Sammy Gives to You…¬†

A Calming Winter Solstice Flow

This evenings practice is intended to grown and release us in order to set ourselves up for the year ahead. 

We experience the vibrations of OM, and connect deeply with our bodies and our breath

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: We will be using a strap and a block (or a pillow, bolster anything to sit up on). 
I suggest putting out a few candles, play some calming music of your choice, and lay out a blanket instead of a mat, or just do the flow right on the earth.

On the Eight Day of Yoga…

On the Eight Day of Yoga Sammy Gives to you…¬†

An Eight-Angle Balancing Flow! 


Day 8 guys!! You are incredible! Eight-Angle pose is such a fun one! Requires a lot of core strength and breathing. 

We begin the flow by stretching out the legs so that we can get the beautiful length we need in the legs to hold ourselves to the side ūüôā¬†

Make sure you take care of those wrists afterwards!